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This article is about the meaning of the signs of Sun/Moon midpoint (the point in between Sun and Moon).

The astrological signs are contributed to the Sun, Moon and planets. The position of Sun/Moon (the point between Sun and Moon) is also in such a ‘sun sign’. The Sun/Moon midpoint highlights the sign that is most visible in the way that you live and try to compromise between what you really want and what is ‘in it’ for you. The sign of the Sun/Moon midpoint shows how your will be motivated to live daily live.

For more about how to calculate midpoints, see the information on AstropostAspects with Sun/Moon are also very important as they strongly influence the motivation and the feeling of ‘what exactly it is that you need to do in life’. Here is more about the sign of the midpoint Sun/Moon, but please don’t forget to read the advice if you have Sun opposition Moon. Choose your Sun/Moon sign: AriesTaurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, VirgoLibra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, CapricornAquariusPisces.

Before you start, read this.

– If you have Sun conjunct Moon:

When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, the midpoint Sun/Moon is in your sun sign, too.

-If you have Sun opposition Moon:

There are two signs of the midpoint Sun/Moon when there is a tight opposition between Sun and Moon! In those cases, check both signs and consider the meaning of the axis (Aries-Libra for partnership, Taurus-Scorpio for earning money, Gemini-Sagittarius for travelling/transport and all kinds of communications/publications, Cancer/Capricorn for parenthood and family matters, Leo/Aquarius for society/entertainment, Virgo/Pisces for services).

Examples are:

– Michael Jackson (Sun/Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius),

– Susan Boyle (Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra, Sun/Moon in Cancer/Capricorn, illustrating the importance of family matters – she had to take care of her mother for years)


Here are possible interpretations for the Sun/Moon midpoint in:


Self motivating. Very driven and in for any competition. At worst: putting him/her self and his/her needs in the first place. The number one in the family and in the marriage, always in action.

Higlighted Aries means that you want and need to DO something, to act, to take initiative. If Aries is not the sign of your Sun AND Moon, you have found a compromise between your you and your needs in Aries things like work, activism, sport or …ego tripping.


– Domique Strauss Kahn masculine drives are common knowledge. He is also a leading figure in French politics.

– Betty Ford (Sun/Moon in Aries = square Pluto). In times of trouble she was the strong one in the family and she met the challenges of her life with courage.


Motivated by public attention or by the verb ‘ to have’. Highlighted materialism. The solid and true family member and partner. What it takes to keep them happy? Gifts, of course. Highlighted Taurus means you want and need to EARN something. That makes you ‘in’ for anything that promises profit. If Taurus is not the sign of your Moon AND Sun, you compromised the difference between your you and your needs by means of money or material.

Example: Casey Anthony (Sun/Moon in Taurus is sesqui square  Neptune)

I am sorry that I couldn’t find more controllable examples of Sun/Moon in Taurus. When I found them I will add them.


Motivated by words and contacts with others. You are in heart and soul ’the messenger’. The kind of family member who knows all the neighbours.

Example: Rebekah Brooks (Sun and Moon in Gemini)

Highlighted Gemini makes you want and need to communicate or transport things. If Gemini is not the sign of your Sun AND Moon, you compromised between your you and your needs in a way of living the Gemini-way: doing two things at the time, being busy contacting, trading and talking…


– Barbara Cartland didn’t only have Sun/Moon semi square Mercury but also Sun/Moon in Gemini, sign of communications.

– The Dutch chart (March 30, 1814, 11:30 Amsterdam) has Sun/Moon in the commercial and trading Gemini.

– Dutch politician Geert Wilders has Sun/Moon in Gemini (and Mercury ‘calling’).

– Michael Jackson’s full Moon at birth gives him Sun/Moon in either Gemini or Sagittarius, both related to ’the voice’ and dancing. That is what he shares with Lenny Henry, a British actor, writer and comedian born on the same day. See the post:

– Queen Victoria didn’t dance much, I assume, though she had Sun, Moon, Sun/Moon and Ascendant in Gemini conjunct Ceres (the symbol of motherhood and dynasties).


Motivated by the family (especially the females), memories or history and by a deep sense to ‘belong’. Highlighted traditions. Needs to be ‘part of it’ to feel alive.

The dedicated family member. As a partner in a marriage: the family man.

Highlighted Cancer means that you want and need to keep memories alive. If your Sun AND Moon are not in Cancer, you found a compromise for your you and your needs in living the Cancer-way: traditional, with an eye on those you care for.


– Barack Obama (Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini)

– Courtney Love (Sun and Moon in Cancer, semi square Uranus)

– Nancy Garrido, the wife of sexual offender Philip Garrido, did just about anything to keep the family together. She has Sun/Moon in Cancer and 5 positions in Cancer, too.


Motivated by performance, show or attention. Vanity might be highlighted, but always a ‘gentleman’ and ‘ a lady’. Seeks a star to follow. The kind of family member who knows how to fill the room with his/her presence.

In a marriage: the partner who needs to party and play and wants the partner to be noteworthy. Loyal and proud…but like all cats: don’t push him!

If your Sun AND Moon were not in Leo when you were born, you found a compromise between your you and your needs in living the Leo-way: showing off and performing the best that you can, because you need to be in the spotlights.


– Sun/Moon in Leo: Mark Zuckerberg.

– Jim Kerr (lead singer of the Simple Minds) has Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo, with midpoint Sun/Moon in Leo square Neptune

– Bono (lead singer of U2) has Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio and Sun/Moon in Leo, square Mercury

– J.K. Rowling has Sun/Moon in Leo, conjunct Mercury and that is interesting because it shows that she is motivated to write. Apparently the modest Moon in Virgo and Neptune in the second house (the house of public display) stopped the Leo-effect (unless she is changing her life style to more luxury in privateJ

– Roseanne Barr doesn’t only have a ‘calling’ Sun on top of her chart, her Sun/Moon midpoint in Leo conjunct Pluto certainly draws attention, too.


Motivated by those who serve you or the ones that you serve. Highlighted distinction. In heart and soul the perfectionist. Needs to feel useful to feel alive. The family member who knows how you should comb your hair and who helps you to be perfect, always. Diligent.

In a marriage: the cool, neat and hygienic partner who serves you always (as long as you serve him, of course). You see them ‘correct’ the clothes of their partner, always.

You needed to find a way of life to compromise your   needs and your true self and you choose the Virgo-way of dedication and with an eye for details, because you just need to be efficient and an expert.


– David Cameron’s Sun/Moon is in Virgo, between his Libra Sun and Moon Leo.

– David Beckham, whose Sun/Moon is square Venus.

– Anne Sinclair (wife of DSK) and

– George Clooney (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn)

– Agatha Christie (Sun and Moon in Virgo, eye for the details).



Motivated by companionship and partners. Highlighted charm and style. The need to be with others. The family member who wants to keep peace in the house and is as polite as possible. In a marriage: the typical marriage partner, keeping the balance between the partners (but sometimes of course their things weigh more….:)

You just need to be a companion. If your Sun AND Moon were not both in Libra, you found a compromise for your you and your needs in living the Libra-way of diplomacy with an eye on your partners. Maybe it is difficult for you to say no or make choices?


– Kate Middleton has Sun/Moon in Libra, in the middle of her Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger has Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn. The Sun/Moon midpoint is in Libra, square the Ascendant and Mercury.


Motivated by challenges, problems and danger. Highlighted courage, dare and strength. Needs to be challenged to feel alive. The strongest person in the family…

In a marriage: fanatic ‘all or nothing’ and with a strong will, so …challenging and only for those with courage. On the other hand:  she/he will always defend you.

Highlighted Scorpio just needs to demonstrate courage. If you don’t have a Sun AND Moon both in Scorpio, your Sun/Moon midpoint shows how you found a compromise for your way of living in the Scorpio-style: sometimes extreme and fanatic, but always with an eye on danger and ready for self defence or defending the loved ones, enjoying life as much as you can.


– Cat Stevens (Sun Cancer, Moon Aquarius, Sun/Moon in Scorpio), see:

– Charlene Wittstock ,

– Dutch Princess Margarita

– Mel Gibson (Sun in Capricorn, Moon just entered Libra when he was born)

– O.J. Simpson (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces)

– USA Sagittarius rising chart with Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer and Sun/Moon in Scorpio in hard aspect with Mars (think of the Eagle, symbol of Scorpio and the USA)


Motivated by hope and conviction. Highlighted optimism. The need to expand, travel or grow to feel alive. The cheerful and positive member of the family, always helpful and giving advice.

In a marriage: needs some space but is loyal (unless allowed to flirt too much:).

If your Sun AND Moon are not both in Sagittarius, your Sagittarius way of living is a compromise between your you and your needs. The Sagittarius way has a good appetite for life, is international (traveling a lot) and is optimistic.



– Michael Jackson, who had Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces had Sun/Moon in Sagittarius or in Gemini.

– John Travolta has Sun/Moon in Sagittarius, too


Motivated by parents (mostly the father), managers or others of different age or standing. Needs law, order and hierarchy to feel alive and secure. Highlighted responsibility and conservatism. In the family: the cool, serious, responsible and cautious family member, a bit distant (because of age, status or living far away).

In a marriage: rather solid, serious and distant (like the father remembered for cutting the meat every Sunday). No seriously: they are very scrupulous indeed.

This highlighted Capricorn just needs to climb in society and make a career. It depends on many things (chart, genes, gender, circumstances) where that need brings you.

Famous examples are:

– Oprah Winfrey (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius, Sun/Moon in Capricorn)

– Luis Bunuel (Sun Pisces, Moon Sagittarius, conflict with the family because of political choice)

– Annie Lennox (Sun and Moon in Capricorn, Sun/Moon in Capricorn sesquisquare Venus)


Motivated by friends or groups (on the internet). Needs change and variation, news or ‘new things’ to feel alive. Highlighted technology or human interests. The family member who is more interested in the latest adventures of the club or friends than in the close family members, but always willing to help if you ask.

In a marriage: the friend (but not per se everlasting)

The highlighted Aquarius shows that you just need to be independent or unique (different than the rest). If your Sun AND Moon were not in the same sign, your midpoint Sun/Moon is the compromise that you found in the way-of-living of Aquarius: as free as a bird, but with an eye for society. It doesn’t mean, BTW, that this independence or uniqueness needs to be shown by not getting married.


– Prince Albert of Monaco’s Sun/Moon midpoint is in Aquarius, conjunct Chiron, between the Pisces Sun and Capricorn Moon.

– Rupert Murdocht (Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius) has Sun/Moon in Aquarius

– Sarah Palin has Sun/Moon in Aquarius (her Sun and Moon are both in Aquarius).

– Dutch Queen Beatrix also has Sun/Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Venus and Jupiter

(Link to their charts and a comparison)


Motivated by empathy, compassion and illusions (dreams or ideals). Needs art, belief or spirituality to feel alive. Highlighted romance. The day dreaming member of the family who is isolated, listening to the music, watching television or in other ways out of reach until help is needed.

In a marriage: the romantic partner (with a risk to be desillusioned).


–      Thom Hoffman, actor and photographer with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aries. Sun/Moon in Pisces is opposition Jupiter. See:

–      Ronald Reagan (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Sun/Moon in Pisces at Zero Aries, in hard aspect with Jupiter)


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