How to read a chart?



Using a certain self developed method in astrology helps you to analyze natal charts. I think that my method quickly shows the most important qualities of a chart.

Almost 4 years ago I published about the method in “4 steps to read a chart” on and I used the chart of Sir Winston Churchill as an example. In the following years I learned, and now I use 3 (giant) step: Astro ID, character and ‘special patterns’. Sometimes the first giant step is enough. Let me show you what I mean. You’ll see that you get a clear picture of that difference, almost immediately. What you need is the chart drawing and basic knowledge of astrology. Of course it helps when you study more…Here on Astromarkt you find keys to read aspect combinations to start with. On my blog there are many more examples and keys for you to study.


 The ID of a person describes special marks. The Astro ID is about special marks of the chart. The special position is for:

1. the planet without major aspects like conjunct, sextile, trine, square and opposition within 5 degrees of orb or within sign. That planet is ‘calling!’ (drawing our attention and working at any possible level). The ‘calling’ planet is the most important prominent planet.

2. angularity: the planet in a sharp and narrow angel with the Ascendant-Descendant line (conjunct, opposition or square) and the planet on Midheaven. Those are the cornerstones of the chart.

3. the planet of orientation: the first (outer) planet rising before the Sun (that is the planet that you see first when you move your finger from the Sun clockwise). Skip Venus and Mercury (unless they are important because of another indication here).  

Everybody has a planet (or the Moon) rising before the Sun. So there is at least one important position in your chart! If you have more than 3, it will be more difficult to focus.


HITLER: Sun and Uranus are calling, Mercury is angular = crucially rising before the Sun…That tells us that we deal with a : controversial – URANUS – communicator – MERCURY – and leader – SUN -. or someone with controversial opnions that are being noticed.  Jupiter rises before the Sun. He is a controversial leader with an international orientation and oratory skills.

CARTLAND: The Astro ID shows a lot of prominent planets here, too. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are calling! and Neptune is rising before the Sun. She has Moon, Jupiter and Saturn angular. (You immediately see the Moon-Venus-Neptune prominence and realize that there could be some sort of artistic talent in the air, but maybe not art because there is no connection between Venus, Moon and Neptune).  Most important is Mercury-Venus-Jupiter combination ‘calling’, of course. It is a statement for successful and talented writing/talking, sweet stories etcetera, or for example for a popular (Venus-Jupiter) author (Mercury). 

The difference between Hitler’s chart and that of Barbara Cartland is obvious. The first chart shows a will to be special, a leader, someone who changes the world at any possible level. The second wants to talk or write nicely and kindly. That difference added with the circumstances (he a man, she a woman, he poor, she rich) makes a lot of difference.

!Not so well known people have important placements, too. They use them at any kind of level. The fact that their are a number of important placements doesn’t always mean that the owner of that chart is a VIP. It is more that your see the main issues and the most important qualities!

Sometimes one step is enough, like with the charts of Adolf Hitler and Barbara Cartland. The first one brought  us destruction and war, the other one romance… You could stop here (and come back tomorrow) because you just found the essential information in the chart.

(Although looking at their official pictures could have given you the same information:).


What is the character in general? Look at the elements, Sun, Moon, ASC, tight aspects – if possible in combination-, and include Sun/Moon midpoint (sign and hard aspects). I agree that Step 2 is a big step. You could start with very small steps instead. 

A. the elements (fire for energy, earth for material, water for sentiments and air for communications). An element without any placement (of planet, sun or moon) is as important as a ‘calling’ planet. An element with a lot of placements is important, too.

B. Sun, Moon, sun/moon, Ascendant, Sun+Ascendant 

C. Tightest aspects

HITLER: It is a hard man (a lot of placements in earth signs, but no Moon, no Sun nor any of the planets in water signs).He has a passion (Venus-Mars conjunction). He is a Taurus with Capricorn Moon and a Libra Ascendant. He is polite and charming for the ladies and he is a materialist (50% in earth signs, Sun, Moon and Sun/Moon in earth).

Pluto is square the midpoint Sun/Moon in Virgo.  That shows that he is a strategist or politician in heart and soul and that he has the need to be influencial, powerful and rich. Challenges or money motivate him. So does destruction and power, apparently. Pluto is in the 8th house of sex,life and death and problems. In this case, with Pluto in the 8th house, problems with sex and powerPluto is tightly sesquisquare Uranus. This combination of Uranus and Pluto often cause immediate changes or force those kind of changes (a revolutionary change). This aspect is generational, but in this chart Pluto hits the important Sun/Moon midpoint. ..And let’s not overlook Moon conjunct Jupiter: it is about popularity (and with the quintile aspect with Neptune: having followers).

CARTLAND: Is a woman, daughter of wealthy family and she shows it (Moon on ascendant, Venus calling!). We can see that military background and fitness for the elderly-promotion in the Moon and ascendant in Aries. But if we didn’t know about her books, we still would notice Venus inconjunct Jupiter (too much party, too much fun, an overload of luxury and sweetness). Venus screams here! But even though there is a strong Astro ID, there is not so much to say about her character. There is no Sun/Moon aspect, but it is interesting that this midpoint is in the sign of communications: Gemini!

SUM 1+2

You could see if there is a certain correspondence between the character and the Astro ID. How would you see this person?

HITLERIn step 1 we see a controversial leader. In step 2 we see a materialist with a need for power and …revolt. He is a hard revolutionary leader with strange (new) ideas. 

 CARTLAND: In step 1 we see a possible popular author or speaker. In step 2 we see communications again and a lot of fun. It is a woman who talks about love. But there is also ambition. 

STEP 3Patterns and points, specials..

We look for Aries Point, ASC/MC, midpoint combinations confirming patterns of aspects or being repeated, Yods, midpoint yods and more, like the pattern of artistic talents (See Art&Astrology for examples). Here you can go on and on if you want to. I limit myself for the examples of Hitler and Cartland. 



  • Notice that Ceres (not in the drawing) is on top of this chart in the 29th degree of Cancer. Ceres is the symbol of genes, seed, dynasty (motherhood and nutrition, too). The position of Ceres tells us about the importance of genetics. 
  • Watch Eris, sesquiquadrate MC and making 3 quintile aspects. This Eris is ‘calling’ (no major aspects) and that tells us that there will be discord at any possible level. Eris is inconjunct the important Uranus. He was born in days of sudden discord.


  • Happy to see that minor aspects help to find the author: Mercury half semi square (22.5d) Neptune contributes to telling tales with some fantasy…

You should always include circumstances, culture, gender and social position to a chart reading. It makes a big difference if you were born in a slum in Asia or in a royal bed in Europe, for example. It makes a difference if you ever had the chance to fully be yourself and use your talents (the good way, of course).

Nevertheless, the example charts would show controversy and hardness or sweet talking in whatever situation.  I like to teach you how to find the core business of the chart.


I decided to use other examples this time, but if you want to go back in time to see the analysis of Churchill’s natal chart (and the 4 steps that I used) on, here is the link..



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