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About the starting point of relationships and the – progressed – chart

Welcome! People meet or get to know each other at the moment that they share the same kind of situation or period in their life. Both partners are at the same time searching for hapiness or are sharing a good or bad moment and that ‘connects’ them. At least, you would think so when you see their progressed charts! The moment of meeting a person seems to be connected to the moment that your were born. That is what the astrology of meeting is about: to see the right time for loving.

Sometimes people meet too soon. Sometimes the meeting is wrong for both of them. For example when they share a nasty period or difficult aspects in the natal chart. Read all about it here, with examples of the interaction between (progressed) charts: examples of shared hapiness, preleminary meetings and meetings with bad prospects. Those examples show that interactions and relationships need to come from both sides to have any effect. Astrology might tell you WHAT is the time. Famouscouple Camilla and Charles are a great example.


In June 1971, during a polo match, Camilla and Charles met for the first time. She had progressed Venus conjunct natal Saturn and semi square progressed Uranus. He had no special progressions at all. Her progressed ascendant is at the time of the meeting exactly sesqui square his progressed Jupiter. This all means that she had a bad period for love and was limited in her choices, but that she had met a chance for being happy (Jupiter), too soon (sesquisquare).

Sometimes, people meet without starting a relationship, yet. A semi square with Venus describes a senseless love. Bernadette Brady refers to semi squares as a ‘frustrating not’. Sesqui squares with Jupiter however are supposed to bring advantages in a later stade!

Apparently Charles and Camlla had to marry someone else, first. It is not only for the sort of aspectation that love was not answered at the time. Saturn and Uranus together refer to limitations of freedom and independence. Venus with Uranus often points at falling in love. Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, status and ’timing’. Shall we see this combination as ‘falling-in-love untimely’?


Some meetings are fatal. People meet in times of astrological similarities. Often they share similar aspects in the natal chart. It is bad luck when you meet the wrong person in the wrong circumstances at the wrong moment. Like Joran van der Sloot. and the lost American girl, Nataly Holloway. Her Mars is afflicting Pluto in her birth chart. Her Mars squares Joran’s Pluto. And her Venus squares his Mars. Sometimes such meetings turn into a drama. Venus and Mars added with Mars with Pluto introduces a sexual component as the link between them. Mars with Pluto sometimes refers to using violence or force. We still don’t know what happened, but we do know there was sexual attraction involved.

Fate joined and separated the Kennedy’s. John F. Kennedy and Jaqueline Bouvier have a composite chart with Sun, Moon and Pluto square Saturn. Jaqueline has Venus (ruler of the 7th house of partnership) in the eight house of endings and opposed to Saturn (divorce or departure, leaving a lover, a marriage ending). John F. Kennedy has five positions in the eight house of death.
Sometimes people seem to get related to fulfill each others astrological aspects…

There are less dramatic examples of being ‘convicted to each other’. In a relationship, for example, when you can;t do without each other, even not if you are make each other’s life miserable. I know of a couple with Sun conjunct Pluto that had a life long struggle for power until death stopped it. But they would never have separated. These aspects with Pluto seem to make it difficult to end a hard relationship. Perhaps because both needed a challenge and something difficult in their lives.

Sometimes people stay together to share the same fate, for example a hard life. Or they stick together because the experience of shared problems that tightened their relationship.


Sometimes people come toghether and share their lifes for just a short period of time. For example: sharing a crisis in someone’s life and being very involved. This happened to me with transit Pluto conjunct a person’s progressed Sun and my natal Sun. But there are more examples:

The trappist monks who were murdered (as a group, all together) by Algerian moslim rebels in 1993 shared (all of them!) progressive aspects indicating violance in the same period of time. Read more about that fenonema in the article about the monks (in Studies).
I learned from that story that sometimes people develope relationships that in the long term end up in a shared ‘fate’, at the very moment that all of the people involved share the same sort of progressions. It is very intruiging.


Of course,there are nice periods to share as well. What about the joyfull aspects a couple can have around the time of marriage or giving birth? Or when they are most satisfied with the relationship? Those periods we find in the aspect made with Saturn (stability), Venus (pleasure) and Jupiter (satisfaction). Falling in love in a period of aspects with Uranus is easy. And mostly it is with a contraversial perion, or else: why rebel (Uranus)? If the other person shares Uranus aspects with you you might expect trouble with family and friends due to the relationship.

Events (like falling in love or getting married, having children or breaking up) always go along with strong interaction between the charts of the couple. You can start an interesting study with your own charts as an example, now that you know…

PS On June 2 football player Wesley Sneijder was in town with friends. They met a couple of young men. One of them was beaten up by the friends as a result of it and he accuses Sneijder of not helping him. Wesley Sneijder’s Progressed Sun was square the natal Sun of the young man. And their Mars were inconjunct (meaning: extraordinary competition or aggression).

On June 23, 2011 Barack Obama will meet Joop van den Ende when their Sun/Progressed Sun are 90 degrees apart…

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