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The progressed Sun is the position of the sun x day after birth for x year after birth. The new position of the sun creates new aspects (distances with a meaning) with Moon and planets in the natal and progressed chart. Those aspects of the progressed Sun create a new situation or state of mind. The nature of the aspect and the planet involved colors the meaning of the progressed aspect. For example:

JUPITER will usually let you grow, give you support, help you on the way or grant you successes
SATURN will usually make you aware of responsibilities, mistakes and restrictions (like coming from parents or law) and age, time to settle down, too
URANUS is the planet that wakes you up if you were sleeping or wake up the others to when you wanted them to be asleep. It is a planet that causes upheaval and changes, but sometimes it is just a surprise…
NEPTUNE is the planet of illusions and disillusions, isolation and seclusion (sometimes welcome with artists or mediums)
PLUTO is the planet of re- (revitalization, reformation, return) and stress sometimes. When Pluto is there life is more intense and stressy than ever. That is not always bad! Sometimes Pluto is reflecting a revival!

Here are interpretations to start your study of the progressed Sun and aspects with the progressed Sun.







New motivation

Lust of life, starting a family or changing lifestyle

Changing lifestyle with the spotlight on emotions

Lost motivation, emotional drain

Heart or soul? Questions of motivation… 


Life related to study, opiniating, communications and brains






Finding the love or pleasure of your life, being happy

Enjoying life

Bit too much of what is nice…




Starting a life’s work (or starting life with a man)

Enterprise and drive to make it

Aggression, risk of getting hurt

Lost related to injuries, losing energy or

Dilemma with a risk


Growth and success, prosperity, being positive

Positive view of life, the benefits of a lifestyle, success

Too much of it all, arrogance and pride. Being too positive.


Too much self confidence leading to a lost

Dilemma (is this ALL?)


Being serious and taking responsibility


Getting more


Life is hard (or so are you)

Being defeated and down

Forced to be consistent


Enstrangement, starting a new way of living independently


Positive changes

Unexpected change with tension or sensations

Sudden lost (being a stranger, or losing the group feeling)


Hectic times and upheavel, maybe because of others



Following your dreams, ideals or illusions

Realising a dream or being enabled to dream on…

Desillusion and being seen in a negative light

Dilemma through disillusions

Misty and dragging situation, getting weaker


Having to start all over again (and again)

Getting more self esteem

Stress because of problems

Dilemma and stress: exhaustion and losing self esteem

Stress because of a changed or challenging situation



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The progressed Sun-Venus aspects are mostly pleasant, though sometimes when life ends Sun-Venus means ' rest in peace'. More about the Progressed Sun-Venus with examples on

Mr. Tarazin got fired with Progressed Sun square Mars. For women it's sometimes 'another story': Kate Middleton marries Prince Wlliam in the year of progressed Sun trine Mars!

With transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Sun Lance Armstrong experienced the possible negative effect of Jupiter.

Periods ending often start with Sun-Saturn:

In the Astropost ' Statue for the enemy' I mention the effect of a progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus in the chart of a German soldier who died shortly after he rescued two Dutch children during the Second World War. At the time he was a stranger (an official enemy) who wanted to be friends with the locals and who didn't feel at home among his own folks. 

With progressed Sun in aspect with Neptune, your illusions will be in the spotlights and so are your secrets. If you have Sun-Neptune in your natal chart, this moment in time might shed a light over the other side of you, the private life or the secret life (an affair, your nick name). More about it here...When Lindsey Lohan was isolated she had progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune (and more, see the post on

A progressed Sun conjunct Pluto marks a period of dramatic changes. It takes some courage to overcome problems. In the end you might be strong enough to start all over again or to come back. Sometimes circumstances force or encourage you to start a new kind of living. Many of the examples mentioned in the article about Sun-Pluto are examples of life in danger or in a challenging period of change. The transit of Pluto on my Sun was intense, but the progressed Sun opposition Pluto and progressed Pluto didn't have that effect. More on Astropost...


When ’50 cents’ lost weight it was with progressed Sun sesquisquare Ceres for ‘frustrated nutrition’. See

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